About Peggy Hall

After suffering from years of shoulder tendinitis, Peggy was facing surgery and a long recovery out of the water. Thanks to her hubby's insistence to try yoga (yes, he got her into yoga!) Peggy discovered that not only did her shoulder heal but her surfing improved dramatically. Looking for a surf-specific yoga video but finding that nothing like that existed, Peggy set about to become certified in yoga so she could share the stoke of the life-changing benefits of the practice...and now, more than 10 years later, she has positively impacted thousands of surfers the world over who share her mantra, "Breathe - realx - focus - enjoy!"

"The moment of being on a wave is so fleeting -- yet so thrilling -- that you want to experience it again and again, no matter how many waves you catch!  Like surfing, yoga gives you a glimpse into what it is to be in that place of utter freedom – completely outside of the boundaries of time, constraints, obligations and expectations -- just powerful, alive, open and free!" ~ Peggy Hall, Yoga for Surfers Creator
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