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Post-Surf Stretches

I hope you've had a chance to practice some of the pre-surf stretches! Remember, it's best to save the deeper stretches for after your surf session. Whereas the pre-surf stretches are intended to increase your circulation, warm up your body and help you get mentally prepared for a great session, the post-surf stretches are your chance to move a little deeper and release any tension from the day.

These are a few of my favorite post-surf stretches! I hope you enjoy them, and remember to always..

Breathe ~ relax ~ focus ~ and enjoy!

Low back release "Windshield Wipers" --from Yoga for Board Sports! I admit -- this is one of my all-time favorite post-surf stretches. It's absolutely "yummy!" and I think you'll feel the same way once you do it. My hubby David (still ripping on a shortboard at the age of 50+) helps demonstrate:



Shoulder Opener with Leash -- From YFS III.  Wow -- this one feels great! You'll need an old surf leash, strap or towel for this one. Once you get the hang of it, you can move at a slower pace, close your eyes and just linger and breathe into the area where you feel the deepest stretch:


Down Dog -- the Yoga for Surfers way! Learn how to do the pose for maximum stretch in your hamstrings, shoulders and spine. It gets easier every time you do it! From Yoga for Board Sports:


Coming up next will be a few poses that will help you improve your core strength and balance for more power and flexibility on your carves and cutbacks!


“Your surfing will be that much better for it!” ~ Eastern Surf Magazine

First and foremost I want to say thank you. I have been in yoga for a long time and am a surfer. I have encountered many teachers who have lacked the skill of teaching and style of your videos. I go to many different schools and I find that you still are a better teacher and I enjoy the flow (From position to position and skill levels) that you've created for your dvd's. I live in San Diego and am looking to get my teaching certification. I don't know if you teach at a studio or have any direction that you can give to a school that has your talent. If you have any suggestions or do teach I would love to go to a few of your classes. If nothing else I just wanted to send you an email saying your a great talent in yoga and I appreciate what you've added to the practice. Thank you for your time.

Rebekah Wright
San Diego, CA
November 2009

When you practice Yoga for Surfers, you'll increase your flexibility, strength, endurance, mental focus and calm. This translates into more waves, longer sessions, and more pure stoke for the ride!

If you're serious about improving your surfing fitness and flexibility, about getting rid of aches and pains and surfing with as much energy and endurance as possible, then you'll want to get the Complete Yoga for Surfers Program -- and see for yourself just how fit, focused and fearless you can be -- on the waves, and in your life!

YOUR CHOICE! Do nothing, and keep surfing the same way, or...

When you purchase downloads, you save $12.95 per title (including shipping) -- $24.95 for international orders outside of USA. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you make a download purchase, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know so we can send you some valuable bonus gifts as our thanks to you!

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Looking forward to helping you get more fit, focused and fearless on the waves -- and in your life!

Creator, Yoga for Surfers

P.S. For a limited time, you'll get free valuable bonus gifts with your digital download purchase or your YFS 4-pack!

Thank you again -- and remember, you CAN do yoga, regardless of your age, level or experience. Yoga will help you do everything in your life better, including surfing!

P.S. Why wait any longer to feel better -- and surf better? Order today RISK-FREE and see for yourself what thousands of other surfers have: Yoga for Surfers works! If for any reason you decide it's not what you had in mind, just drop me an email me at[email protected]t and I'll promptly and cheerfully refund 100% of your purchase price -- and you keep the bonus gifts as my thank you for trying out the videos!

"My surfing ability has advanced dramatically"

I would like to praise your work in joining yoga with surfing. I've been doing the YFS program for a year and a half and I have to tell you how much I love YFS III "Unleashed" (I love this DVD ... smart move!) I am 47 years old and my surfing ability has advanced dramatically since joining you in Yoga for Surfers. Amazing!

John Carden
Hampton, New Hampshire
"This is exactly what we've been looking for!"

We find your dvds the best instructional yoga dvds we have ever come across, with the added bonus that Peggy focuses on poses aimed at surfers.

We find the pace, transitions and poses are all perfect for what we have been seeking in a dvd yoga set. We even prefer your set to classes, as not only are the workouts exactly what we are looking for, but we can do it at our own convenience, a huge bonus in our busy (read hectic) lives.

I bought a second set as a gift to give to friends (he surfs, she doesn't; he has traditionally 'bah hum-bugged' yoga but is now interested due to our, and our friends, own enthusiasm for your dvd set).

Apologies for all the the gushing, but we really are extremely pleased with your dvd set!

Warmest regards,
Emmaline Froggatt
Victoria, Australia